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We offer professional Hardware Service

We have a diverse range of hardware supplies that cover all ICT needs of any organization to run successful businesses. This includes Servers, SANs, NAS, Cabinet, UPS, Switch, Routers, CCTV, IPCAM, Intrusion Detection System, Access Control, desktops or laptops, Printers…etc.

Loyalty to the customer is our major driving force to select the best hardware from the leading hardware vendors including Honeywell, Mimosa, InfiNet, Ruckus, Ubiquiti, Cisco, Aruba, Juniper, MikroTik, qomuniq8, pfsense, Huawei, Fortinet, HP, IBM, Dell, Juniper, Pelco, Polycom, Avaya, EMC, Bluecoat, Cyberoam, Fortinet, APC, and Samsung … Etc. based on their aspects ​​

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IT Infrastructure, Network Systems and Solutions

Network Systems Management can be a source of trouble for most companies, Network Systems and Solutions challenges vary according to a company’s business process. We offer IT Infrastructure services that are catered to support a smooth Network Systems Administration routine, based on your business needs and objectives.

IT infrastructure and Network Solutions
IT and network infrastructure design and set-up
Data center and server room building
NAS and SAN storage implementations
Virtual desktop infrastructure implementation
Data management and data migration
Cloud infrastructure

Fiber Optic Services

Fiber Network Services is a communications contractor offering a full range of fiber optic cable network services. With Master Construction Agreements with Cox Communications, Comcast Cable, Crown Castle, Segra, Suddenlink, Windstream, and RCN in the State of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and in Washington D.C., we are a trusted resource for cabling and maintaining high-speed internet connectivity via fiber optic systems.

Built on strong customer service, Fiber Network Services offers value to clients that can only be offered by an entrepreneurial small business effort. We share the same values as our clients and deliver the best value in our footprint. Contact us to hear how we can provide premium certified services in fiber optic cable telecommunications systems for your company.

Fingerprint and Access Doors

ZKTeco is a globally renowned provider of core techniques, smart terminals and software platforms based on smart entrance & exit “car + person + object” applications, and owns a large quantity of software copyrights of software products and solutions and smart terminal patented techniques, and strives to integrate hybrid biometric verification techniques and computer vision techniques with the Internet, IoT, big data and cloud computing, and builds system platform including ZKBioSecurity. ZKTeco owns professional development and supply chain teams for smart terminal of person, car and object passages, and globally famous entrance & exit biometric verification computer vision smart IoT hardware and servers, private cloud and public linkage services to provide system integration services for many partners regarding industry solutions, which are widely applied in various fields including smart traffic, smart finance, smart education, smart medicine and smart government etc.

UPS Service

We believe data and connectivity are crucial for business success. Our solutions ensure they’re available when and where you and your customers need them. It’s how we provide Certainty in a Connected World.

The popularity of smart devices and the rising adoption of IoT has made data a must have for all industries. This reality brings new opportunities, but also comes with a risk: As businesses come to rely more on data, how can they be certain it will be there when they need it?

As this collective reliance on data grows, a superior, intelligent, and dynamic system must be put in place to keep it secure, and make it available wherever and whenever customers require it.

Software Service

Seoul Arabia provides industry-focused software to government, private and commercial market to meet customer’s business goals.

System Software Application Software Utility Software We are beyond than others, with our professional expertise and years of experience, our software capability provides solutions that fit customer and market needs.

Software is a set of instructions, data or programs used to operate computers and execute specific tasks. Opposite of hardware, which describes the physical aspects of a computer, the software is a generic term used to refer to applications, scripts and programs that run on a device.

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Data Center Services

Data Center Services

Your data centre is at the heart of your business. At Seoul Arabia, our team of IT infrastructure specialists can help with a variety of data centre related tasks, including upgrading your equipment and infrastructure, running virtual machines, moving your workloads to the cloud, and more.

Your data is your most valuable asset, and we understand that. Our team of data centre specialists have worked in the industry for decades and can help develop a customized, focused plan that will help you meet your organizational goals. Our data centre services include

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IP Telephone

VoIP phones can be simple software-based softphones or purpose-built hardware devices that appear much like an ordinary telephone or a cordless phone. Traditional PSTN phones are used as VoIP phones with analog telephone adapters (ATA).
A VoIP phone or application may have many features an analog phone doesn't support, such as e-mail-like IDs for contacts that may be easier to remember than names or phone numbers, or easy sharing of contact lists among multiple accounts. Generally the features of VoIP phones follow those of Skype and other PC-based phone services, which have richer feature sets but may experience latency-related problems because they rely on mainstream operating systems' IP and audio support.
As mainstream operating systems became better at voice applications with appropriate quality of service (QoS) guarantees and 5G handoff (IEEE 802.21 etc.) becomes available from wireless carriers, tablets and smartphones became the dominant interfaces. iPhone, Android and the QNX OS used in 2012-and-later BlackBerry phones are widely capable of VoIP performance. They also typically support the USB but not Ethernet or Power over Ethernet interfaces. The smartphone became the dominant VoIP phone because it works both indoors and outdoors and shifts base stations/protocols easily to trade off access costs and call clarity and other factors personal to the user, and the PoE/USB VoIP phone was thus the transitional device.

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SEOUL ARABIA is a Saudi company established in 2010 and headquartered in Riyadh to provide telecommunications and information technology services, infrastructure development, integrated business solutions, security solutions, surveillance and intrusion prevention systems, application and software development solutions and enterprise resource management solutions.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to use our vast reseller network and our long history of reputable presence in the region, to bridge between the vendors with leading technologies from one side and the end-users in MENA who are need of such technologies on the other side. We are dedicated to making sure have the level present in the region deserved by their products. We are also keen to make sure resellers can harvest the best of commercial benefit from their efforts. Total satisfaction of end-user achieved by detailed and comprehensive technical support is another key element in our mission.

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